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The Fine Jewelled Egg Company, Great Britain


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Neil Lucas


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© 2005-2020 Neil Lucas. The copyright in all the material on this website is vested in Neil Lucas 'Neil Lucas Productions'. All the designs of the Fabergé Inspired Eggs, Cufflinks and Egg Pendants on this site have been designed, sculpted and made solely by Neil Lucas himself and are strictly owned and copyrighted (Patent Pending) by Neil Lucas and incorporated by law with Wilsons Law and The Fine Jewelled Egg Company, Great Britain. The Jewelled Eggs may represent famous Eggs but all the Eggs on this website have no connection to these. The copyright also includes the 'Other Pieces' on this site. All our Jewelled Eggs are made to order and can take approximately six weeks to complete and on occasions may take longer. They are made by us here in Great Britain and are all finished with genuine Swarovski Elements®.


The Neil Lucas Crest is owned and copyrighted by Neil Lucas, Great Britain. (Neil Lucas Music).


The Freddie Mercury Miniature Gold Statue, The Freddie Mercury Pendant and The Freddie Mercury Pin (all sculpted and made solely by Neil Lucas himself) are exclusive Official items licensed to Queen Productions Ltd & Mercury Songs Ltd and are only available from (Bazar Suisse, Montreux. Switzerland). The original design of The Freddie Mercury Statue from which these versions were modelled is situated in Montreux, Switzerland and is owned by Queen Productions Ltd and Mercury songs Ltd.


The "Pikes" Logo is owned by Anthony Pike, Ibiza and this Pendent is made exclusively for Pikes Hotel, Ibiza, and is only available at Pikes. This version of the original "Pikes" logo was adapted and designed by Neil Lucas.


The consents listed above do not give you the authority to incorporate any part of these pages in any commercial document or in any material sold or otherwise made available for profit without our prior permission.


All Photography by Peter Brown, Salisbury, Wiltshire.


All Rights Reserved.





All the pieces on our website

are made by us here in

Great Britain to the highest

possible standard. Each

Jewelled Egg is finished with

genuine Swarovski Elements®

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© 2005-2020 The Fine Jewelled Egg Company. Great Britain