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For hundreds of years people have decorated eggs, some more opulently than others. When people think of jewelled eggs, their thoughts instantly turn to the beautiful works of Fabergé. These of course are the most prestigious of all and represent the ultimate perfection of the jeweller's art.

We have been inspired by Fabergé to re-create this special quality from the rich guilloché enamelling to the traditional styles and designs. These include authentic embossed trellis works and emblems to miniature Russian Crowns. Each egg is finished with genuine sparkling Swarovski Crystal Elements®.

You will see, when browsing the Catalogue section of this site, the different classic Jewelled Eggs available. They would make a cherished gift for someone dear.


All of our delightful pieces are crafted in Great Britain to the highest possible standard.



Neil Lucas

Manager & Owner


English Pewter


Today pewter is the forth most precious metal in common usage; after platinum, gold and silver. Modern pewter contains about 92% tin with small amounts of antimony, copper or bismuth to give it additional strength.


Tin is a precious and expensive metal and has been used to make objects both decorative and utilitarian for over 3000 years.


Pewter was probably first made in the Bronze Age (between 2000 and 500 BC), and by the middle ages the use of pewter in Europe had become widespread.


By the early 12th century, pewter was only for the wealthy, but later it's use spread into every day life. Predominantly used for functional items such as plates and cutlery, pewterers also made small decorations and toys, referred to as "trifle".


The growth of the pewter industry in Europe at this time led to the establishment of guilds, which regulated the quality of the work produced. In England 'The Worshipful Company of Pewterers' was established in 1348 for this purpose.


By the 15th century, craftsman in England began forging tin that was mined locally in Cornwall into tankards, plates and candlesticks; pewter later became a common replacement for household items previously made of clay, & wood. Towards the end of the 18th century however, the mass production of good quality pottery had a dramatic effect on the market for utilitarian pewterware, forcing many pewterers out of business.


Despite this by the 1930's, England became world renown for fine pewter craftsmanship; a direct result of their high production and design standards, established guidelines and rigorous testing procedures.


Today around the world pewter is enjoying a renaissance; with both consumers and craftsman alike having rediscovered the beauty of fine pewter. However, the craftsman for pewter in England are becoming very scarce because of its cost and due to this it has become a very specialised and bespoke profession.






All the pieces on our website

are made by us here in

Great Britain to the highest

possible standard. Each

Jewelled Egg is finished with

genuine Swarovski Elements®

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